We believe all business from inception should exhibit environmentally friendly business practices. 

Everything from the materials used to create a product; to the logistics to sell the product; right down to the waste created at the end of the products life cycle, a company must go through sustained efforts to try and limit the harmful effects of business on the environment.  This will be an ongoing section which will update you on what we are doing to become a better brand both locally and globally.  Below is a summary to date.

Our Facility

Our formulation facility has a net neutral carbon output (offset by wind energy credits) and has been certified to create organic products.  We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by SGS:   ISO 22716. We also are OTC drug licensed for manufacturing of The Sunscreen.

We use:

Only organic and sustainably sources ingredients.

We never use:

GMO’s, parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial colors, PEGS, petroleum distillates, parfums/synthetic fragrances, avobenzone, octinoxate, toxic preservatives or any other harsh industrial ingredients.

We are:

Cruelty-free, Soy-free and Vegan.

Environmental Initiatives

Our primary focus is the health of our oceans and the environment and we are working with The New Plastics Economy and Ocean Conservancy trying to hit the plastics pollution problem that has been inundating our rivers and oceans with massive amounts of waste.

We are also very active in regular beach clean-ups and sustainable gardening practices.

Packaging materials

We love our look, don't get us wrong but there is also purpose in our packaging design

Our bottles, labels are made from recycled metal that has a PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content between 67-72%.  They are also 100% RECYCLABLE.  We say this with emphasis because even though certain types of plastic are recyclable there is currently no market for the types of plastics (primarily #7) used for most cosmetic packaging and the vast majority is getting thrown into landfills, incinerated or ending up in our rivers and oceans.

We use a high amount of recycled content for our outer packaging, shipping boxes and other paper products.. Percentages vary but average around 50% PCR content.

Our sample containers are made of recyclable glass with a recyclable metal lid.They are perfect for re-use when travelling on business or taking small leisurely trips abroad.  They are very handy and we hope you enjoy them like we do.

We hope to inspire and to bring change to the way the skin care industry has traditionally conducted business.  Greater transparency, thoughtful sourcing of ingredients/packaging and responsible social and environmental practices can help push our culture to be held to a higher standard.