One of the largest challenges in plant derived skin care is ensuring preservation and stability of your formulations without throwing in toxic crap. Microbial growth is a constant challenge and most companies will often just default to inexpensive parabens or formaldehyde releasers to ensure no growth.  While they are certainly effective there are several studies now beginning to show that many of these preservatives are absorbing into our bodies and may show estrogenic effects which often play a role in cancer.  Many countries won’t even allow these preservatives and others to be in formulas over a certain percentage.  We have found a highly effective but non toxic preservation system otherwise known as a “Hurdling Technology’.  It is composed of several organic acids each specifically designed to kill off harmful bacteria, yeast and mold without the toxicity of traditional preservation systems.  It is lab cultivated and in our eyes, the safest most effective preservation system on the market today for plant based skin care formulations.